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of times. jack kennedy, ronald reagan. biden: now your jack kennedy? gerri: that was a cheap shot. bided was wronwhen he claimed lower tax rates never had higher revenues. 1920's were slashed from 70% down a 20%. there rose 60%. kennedy cut across the board with the top rate down at 70%. tax revenues jump. ronald reagan proposed sweeping tax rate reduction and the result revenues up 99%. biden: we made sure we cut taxes for the middle-class. gerri: not even close to trooper release seven taxes from obamacare ball directly on the middle class. the tax for not having health care insurance. obacare taxed the many in the name of flexible spending account in those to deduct from taxes. i could go on and on. joe biden scored big points claiming hedge funds would benefit. biden: 90% of small business america make less than $250,000. others are hedge funds making $600 billion per year that counts as the small business. gerri: hedge fund? the irs says they fall within the household of the top two brackets that the administration wants to raise taxes. and more than half of americans. vice presiden
a couple of times. >> it's never been done before. >> jack kennedy-- ronald reagan. >> oh, now you're jack kennedy. >> and he got it wrong. george w. bush lowered rates and when they did the treasury went up. and the other hot topic was libya. >> this benghazi issue would have been a tragedy in and of itself, unfortunately it's indicative of a broader problem. what we're watching on our tv screens is the unravelling of the obama foreign policy which is making the war more chaotic and us less safe. >> joe biden says the administration did not know about the request for more security in libya, but a day earlier the state department official in sworn statement said more security had been requested and denied. and when asked about it, president obama said, quote, i didn -- and after that, said i didn't catch that exchange. and the opening bell on wall street. here we go. >> stocks will open pretty flat this morning, a day after the debate. we've got one news item, a number from the government in the background here, it's the producer price index up. 1.1%, month over month and that's a big inc
. >> never done before. >> jack kennedy lower the tax rates. >> now you're jack kennedy. melissa: exhausting right? that is one of many testy exchanges. an coulter is political conservative commentator and author of, mugged. what do you think, ann? does any of that translate into votes? >> that is the question. that is precisely the question that i don't think the obama partisans are asking themselves. biden's debate performance was very good gining up partisan zealots supporting obama come hell or high water. but for those crucial independents and undecided voters and also a lot of my gender, his smirking and fake laughter and scoffing, was incredit by off-putting. and i mean, biden reminded you of the worst boss you ever had, the worst boyfriend you ever had. the worst person you have ever met. melissa: there are people who thought that president obama wasn't strupg enough last time around and he came out and really socked it to paul ryan. i just, i wonder, you mentioned the undecided voters. every time i hear that i wonder who is undecided at this point? do you think there are a lot of th
are no jack kennedy. it turned out that lloyd bentsen was no vice president, either. because it just didn't matter. will this thing matters subsequently to the outcome of the presidential election? >> i think you will be an important evening. an opportunity for him to show america what a wonderful human being he is. his level of integrity and intelligence and his knowledge about the budget. let's face it, we are facing a predictable crisis in this nation and the reason why i was so excited when governor romney pics paul ryan is not only do i know him as a fine human being, but he also, his actions put forward real solutions. that is so critically important nowadays when america is hungry for leadership, which this president simply has not. paul has been providing that leadership and that is what we saw what governor romney as well. someone who had a command presents. he helps to get the legislation passed and i will be a critical difference. >> will he be able to do as well if they score as well, will he be able to post a historic victory over vice president biden as governor romney did o
debates. probably the more memorable one was dan quail. when he said jack kennedy was a friend of mine, you're no jack kennedy. 8 out of 10 i think at the time said lloyd benson won that one. what happened three weeks later, the dukakis benson campaign went down in a landslide. generally the argument is that debates can only punctuate trends, they can't reverse that, i'm not so sure of that. but i think you are quite right, a big screw-up could, and a big-screw-up on obama's side, you don't want to see biden screw up so bad it reinforces an image this ticket ain't the ticket. barring that, it probably won't move the needle that much. we will see. ashley: thanks so much neil. don't miss our coverage hosted by neil cavuto at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it's going to be a lot of fun. we always wait to see what mr. biden may say. tracy: we do. ashley: even though he may not mean to say it, it sometimes come out, doesn't it? tracy: there's neil's fabulous commentary after. he's the energizer bunny. i love watching him. oil closing at $92.07 a barrel. that's a gain of nearly 1% based on what's going
's. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> here's later in debate, al gore walked up to bush. >> al gore tries to come over and be the bully and get in h face. bush doesn't say anything. just looks at him, smiles, giv him the head wink, and goes on. >> i believe i can. >> that was it. it just -- you know, it just absolutely devastated gore. >> you watch him go. >> yeah. we all revert to our junior high mentality, you know, when our team scored. yeah, you know! >> most people don't know is that bush had been prepared. >> jud gregg, who had played the role of al gore in the debate prep, had seen him pull this trick. said to bush, be prepared, he's going to come and get in your face. we all dismissed at the time, but sure enough it hapned. >> which raises the question how do candidates prepared? these two debate coach showed me. they prepped president bush for debate. o'donnell later coached mitt romney and michele bachmann. they spent hours trying to replicate debate moments. >> you have the candidate stand in front of a podium like this as realistic as possible? >> yeah. you want a strong beari
are proposing -- biden: it's been done before. ryan: a couple times. jack kennedy -- biden: now you're jack kennedy. rick perry republicans -- republicans and democrats worked together. i understand you are not used to bipartisan deals. biden: here's the things we'll cut -- ryan: filling in the details is how you get things done. work with congress. mitt romney -- biden: working bipartisanly? 7% rating? ryan: mitt myth was governor of massachusetts. he didn't demagogue the deems, but met with them every week, reached across the aisle, didn't compromise principles, found commonground and balanced the budget. biden: if he did such a great job -- ryan: four times without raising taxes. >> moderator: what would you suggest beyond raising taxes on the wealthy that would substantially -- biden: let them expire like they are supposed to on the millionaires. we can't afford $800 billion going to people making a minimum of a million dollars. they do not need it, martha. those 120,000 families make $8 million a year. middle class people need the help. why does my friend cut out the tuition tax credit
presidential debates, saying i knew jack kennedy, he was a friend of mine. he won the debate in the eyes of eight out of 10 people watching it but three weeks later that democratic ticket went down in a landslide debate. i want to put that in some perspective. dennis: somewhat downside risk for both guys. we will see you tonight. the best coverage of the debate begins right here at 8:00 p.m. eastern with neil and the entire fox business team. let's take a look at some of the guests tonight. mitch mcconnell, governor o'malley, craig barrett of intel and even sarah palin. cheryl: you saw those faces, and look at this. shutter stock on the debut on the new york stock exchange today. look at the shares, up more than $5, nice little return. joining us ahead and why his company is up. facebook is down. cheryl: jamie dimon can be fed a favor but are the shareholders paying for it? we will fill you in. every day at this time, let's take a look at oil. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it dsn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)